The Clarity Family

More than just a business 

Where did it all start?

Leo Whittington, Chairman and Founder of Clarity Copiers Ltd, established the Clarity brand in 1977 in Newton Abbot, growing it into one of the largest independent distributors of digital copiers and printers in the UK.

How did Clarity come to Plymouth?

Clarity Plymouth was the first Franchise launched in 1980, which quickly became a well established business with an excellent reputation. In 2004, Greg Glover was head hunted by Clarity, following a vast career of his own in digital systems. Greg joined the new Clarity West Devon team as a Colour Specialist, and successfully introduced colour machines to the market throughout his first year. Almost five years later, Greg relocated to Chippenham with his late wife, to support his family as she pursued her own career opportunities. Having handed in his notice, Greg was offered an opportunity he couldn’t refuse by the Chairman – to take over the franchise and continue his work guiding Clarity from strength to strength.

How has Clarity grown?

Greg Glover took on the franchise, revolutionising the processes and services on offer and engaging with both new and existing clients. In 2010, Clarity had expanded significantly, and the team was growing quickly, they needed a Salesperson to join the team and Greg felt there was one person for the job, that being Sandy Compton. Having worked with Sandy previously, Greg knew his ethic in selling with a great aftercare concern for all clients would fit the Clarity brand perfectly and offered him a sales role within the team. Six months later, Sandy became a Junior Partner and has worked to build a strong base of loyal customers over the years.

I built my company on a team basis, a business “family” mentality

I built my company on a team basis, a business “family” mentality, where each member of staff could approach any one of the directors or partners at any time. In all the time I have had the Franchise, I have only had two staff changes in 12 years. My management style is ‘support your frontline staff to do the best they can at their jobs’. I attribute that point to most of the success of our company. Respect and loyalty play a big role. – Greg Glover